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Champions for the Cause
Approximately 30 champions have been selected including Lead Champion, Professor Anne St. John and Youth Champions, Mr. Daniel Alleyne and Miss Ashley Lashley.
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Schools MOVE!
Students participating in the launch of ‘QC Moves’ were carried through interactive sessions with Prof. St. John and nutritionist, Carla Ramsay, before hitting the dance floor for a choreographed routine [...]
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Childhood Obesity Prevention Conference: Collaborative Opportunities and Countermeasures
PAHO proclaims childhood obesity is one of the most serious public health challenges of the 21st Century.
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Campaign Launch
'Teamwork is at the heart of great achievement'. #stopyuhtoosweet #timetotalk #advocacy #healthyschools
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Pulmonary Heart Disease
This is heart disease secondary to disorder of respiration. The chronic Hypoxia (low oxygen tension) of these disorders includes a reactive narrowing of the pulmonary vessels.
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Congenital Heart Disease
An abnormality of the heart is present in about 1% of all babies born. Untreated, half of these affected will die in their first year of life. The survivors do [...]
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Barbados Stroke Statistics
Around 350 Barbadians suffered a stroke during the first year. Most of these strokes (83%) were due to blockage of a blood vessel supplying the brain. Most strokes occurred over [...]
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What Is Stroke?
Strokes occur either when a blood vessel becomes clogged thus hampering blood flow to the brain (ischemic stroke) or when a blood vessel ruptures causing blood to leak into the [...]
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Aspirin: Is used for the prevention of thrombosis and is prescribed to patients who have had Transient ischemic attack. (it prevents platelets arregation) has also shown to decreased subsequent attacks. Aspirin [...]
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