Category: Heart Disease

Pulmonary Heart Disease
This is heart disease secondary to disorder of respiration. The chronic Hypoxia (low oxygen tension) of these disorders includes a reactive narrowing of the pulmonary vessels.
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Congenital Heart Disease
An abnormality of the heart is present in about 1% of all babies born. Untreated, half of these affected will die in their first year of life. The survivors do [...]
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Rheumatic and Valvular Heart Disease
The heart failure and other problem arising from chronic valvular disease can be partially relieved by medications such as digoxin and diuretics, but in the long run will require cardiac [...]
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Hypertensive Heart Disease
Since hypertension is asymptomatic in the early stages and for a very long time while congestions are developing, it is essential that blood pressure be checked at regular intervals as a preventative measure.
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Ischemic Heart Disease
Other risk factors are modifiable, being directly or indirectly under the control of the individual.
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Acute Myocardial Infarction
This dangerous condition is usually due to a Coronary Thrombosis which is a clot forming within the coronary artery. It is trigged by rapture of the plaque, which releases substances that start [...]
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Angina Pectoris
The most common cause of the coronary artery narrowing which gives rise to angina is atherosclerosis. This is due to a gradual accumulation of fatty or lipid material, complex carbohydrates, blood [...]
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Diseases of the Coronary Arteries
The Heart muscle or Myocardium is supplied by a number of medium sized arteries that take oxygen-bearing blood to the working muscle. These vessels are known as the Coronary Arteries. Various abnormalities may [...]
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