Mr. Christopher Symmonds
Mr. Christopher Symmonds is a senior manager within the Goddard Enterprises Group of companies (GEL Group). Assigned to Purity Bakeries, he has oversight of Purity’s regional Business Expansion strategy and direct responsibility for the commercial operations of the bakeries in Barbados and St. Lucia. His sphere of responsibility spawns all areas of Revenue Generation, Customer Service, New Product Development, Marketing, Pricing and Business Development.

He has successfully occupied senior roles in the field of Sales & Marketing for over 20 years and has held executive positions in Trinidad with the Harricrete Group of Companies, where he lived and worked for six years, and in Barbados with Fujitsu Transaction Solutions, Barbados Shipping & Trading (now Massy Group) and for the past decade Goddard Enterprises Ltd. A major focus of his has been the building of a profitable Barbadian brand of bakery goods, under the flag of ‘Wonder’, which; offer multiple flavour and dimension profiles, carry high levels of consumer acceptance, contribute to the maintenance of a balanced and nutritious diet, promote active lifestyles, seeks to educate consumers and is committed to the development of a unified effort to reduce the personal, corporate and macro-economic impact of non-communicable diseases within the region.

A Business Development and Pricing specialist with well-developed strategic Operations Management skills, he contributes an ability in identification and development of new revenue generating opportunities, plus analysis and modification of organizational operations, with a view to enhanced transparency, compliance and efficiency; all areas which remain an ever-present challenge for both profit and non-profit organisations. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Management from UWI; Cave Hill, a Masters of Business Administration (Marketing specialty) from the University of Lincoln, an élite High Achievers Management certificate from Cave Hill School of Business, and is a Fellow of the international ‘Chartered Institute of Marketers’.

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