The Foundation is committed to being involved in many healthy lifestyle initiatives but has, since its inception, developed and currently has in place two major long-term programmes:

Emergency Cardiac Care Programme
Under this programme Basic Cardiac Life Support (BLS) training and certification is provided to laypersons, health care providers, and medical students.
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CDP&R – Rehab Centre
Cardiac Disease Prevention and Rehabilitation Programme (CDP&R) - “Rehab Centre” The specific rehabilitation through regular prescribed and monitored exercise, dietary and psychological counselling and the education of persons who have had heart surgery, a heart attack, heart failure, a stroke or are at special risk of the foregoing. The Foundation presently provides a rehabilitation service free of cost to indigent patients of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital who have had heart surgery, a heart attack or heart failure.
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We also offer other Projects and Programmes.  These include:

  • Hosting Barbados Heart Week
  • Maintaining an up to date website –
  • Presenting annual Healthy Lifestyle Seminar
  • Running Healthy Hearts Clubs for primary school children
  • Educational outreach through TV and national press.
  • Health fairs
  • Provides counselling pre and post heart operation or stroke
  • Tobacco Control Education