Right To Healthy Foods

Our Right To Healthy Foods Campaign

The “Right to Healthy Foods” campaign is designed to increase public knowledge about the health harms of excess consumption of sugary drinks, which can lead to obesity and diabetes that increase the risk of heart attack and stroke. It also intends to encourage policy makers to implement a comprehensive Healthy Nutrition in Schools Policy, including the removal of sugary drinks from schools with the support of parents and guardians.

HSFB President, Mr. Kevin Farmer, said “The time has come when our children’s health needs must be a national priority, therefore decisive action is required to ensure they live healthier lives”. One of the keys to protecting them from childhood obesity and bringing a reduction in Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) is by providing healthy environments in our schools, one free from sugary beverages and unhealthy food. Our children have a right to good health, and we must create an environment where healthy living is possible. Just as we seek to create an environment where our children have financial and career possibilities, we must ensure good health is prioritized as good health makes everything else possible.

Our Children Have A Right To Healthy Foods