What Does The Foundation Do?

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Our core work includes Cardiac Disease Prevention and Rehabilitation

How We Operate

The Foundation is a non-governmental organisation (NGO) and, apart from a specific arrangement with the Ministry of Health & Wellness to facilitate enrolment in the HSFB Cardiac Disease Prevention & Rehabilitation Programme of assigned public cardiac and stroke patients served through the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, receives no formal funding or financial allocation from the Government of Barbados. This means that our operations are strongly dependent on donations, grant funding, membership and training fees.

Grant funding is obtained from time to time from international organizations for very specific purposes for example, the Childhood Obesity Prevention Programme and associated Mass Media Campaigns. Those funds are linked to specific deliverables and outlooks and are not transferable to other parts of the operation.

Our Core Work Includes:

  • Cardiac Disease Prevention and Rehabilitation
  • Targeted heart-health programmes and services.
  • Support for important medical research and case studies to help in the fight against heart disease, strokes and childhood obesity.
  • Engagement in advocacy efforts.
  • Facilitation of public outreach, education and training events island-wide.

Tax Benefits

Donation Tax Benefits

The Foundation is registered under the Companies Act 1982 of Barbados, registration number 269, and under the Charities Act 1979-2, registration number 82. This enables donors to benefit from the applicable tax provisions provided. Donors can access a free tax benefit analysis based on their contribution here.

More About What We Do

The Heart & Stroke Foundation of Barbados Inc is committed to ensuring that its many residents do not become statistics due to cardiovascular disease. Our work, spearheaded by our dedicated team, focuses on helping you to have a heart that supports living your best life today and beyond. As such, we offer a variety of programmes and services, and engage in ongoing advocacy efforts that will help you to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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