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Why We Exist & What We Do

The Heart & Stroke Foundation of Barbados

Promoting healthy lifestyles to support healthy hearts because “Everybody has a heart
At HSFB we’re committed to being involved in many healthy lifestyle initiatives. Let’s all get involved, get moving and get heart healthy!

We're Here To Serve You...

HSFB has faithfully served this nation for many years. There is still much to be done. With the help and support of our staff, members, volunteers and supporters near and far, we will seek to remain passionate about our mission.

On April 18, 2020, the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Barbados Inc. celebrated 35 years of endorsing healthy lifestyles and hearts! Our journey began in 1985, and to date we have supported thousands of Barbadians by providing training, education campaigns and free or subsidized services to aid in combating heart disease.

The Foundation has quickly established itself as the go-to resource in helping Barbados confront and address its leading cause of death. Through partnerships with the government, medical professionals, companies, schools, and concerned citizens, we are honoured by and grateful for all we achieved thus far.

As organisations and individuals alike face numerous challenges during this COVID-19 pandemic era, we are thankful to be able to reflect on our past and still plan for the amazing future that lies ahead.

The Foundation remains committed to its guiding principle – Everybody has a Heart – and will continue the work needed to minimise the impact of heart disease in Barbados.

HSFB - Keeping People Heart Healthy