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Recovery Help
The programme is designed to assist persons who have had a cardiac event or stroke, or who are at risk, to achieve optimum health.
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Medical Professionals
The Heart & Stoke Foundation of Barbados (HSFOB) conducts courses in Basic Cardiac Life Support (CPR) with the use of the AED, Advanced Cardiac Life Support as well as First Aid courses under the aegis of the American Heart Association (AHA). These courses follow the standards of the AHA with the same materials, examinations, and certification being given as those in the United States.
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You can Volunteer
We are always on the look out for reliable, enthusiastic persons who have time to help us care for the most vulnerable in our society.
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Donate to a Cause
You can help advance one of our programmes, while reaping some tax benefits. Let's show you how.
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The Foundation came to fruition thanks to the shared initiatives of The Lions Club of Barbados South, through its Health and Social Services Committee, then under the chairmanship of Mr. H. (Dru) Symmonds SCM, J.P., and Professor Trevor Hassell, Cardiologist, who was that time Head of the Department of Medicine and of the Cardiac Unit at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Barbados.
Our motto “Everybody has a heart” speaks to the fact that all of us as individuals should be committed to living healthy lifestyles.

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Switch It Up!
Dr. Natasha Sobers



Champions for the Cause
Approximately 30 champions have been selected including Lead Champion, Professor Anne St. John and Youth [...]
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Schools MOVE!
Students participating in the launch of ‘QC Moves’ were carried through interactive sessions with Prof. [...]
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Childhood Obesity Prevention Conference: Collaborative Opportunities and Countermeasures
PAHO proclaims childhood obesity is one of the most serious public health challenges of the [...]
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Campaign Launch
'Teamwork is at the heart of great achievement'. #stopyuhtoosweet #timetotalk #advocacy #healthyschools
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