Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS)

The two day ACLS Provider Course provides the knowledge and skills needed to evaluate and manage the first 10 minutes of an adult ventricular fibrillation/ventricular tachycardia (VF/VT) arrest.

Who should complete this course?:

Target audience are Registered Nurses, Doctors, Paramedics and community dental Physicians’.

Learn to:

Providers are expected to learn to manage 10 core ACLS cases: a respiratory emergency , four types of cardiac arrest (simple VF/VT, complex VF/VT, PEA and asystole), four types of pre-arrest emergencies (bradychardia, stable tachycardia, unstable tachycardia and acute coronary syndromes) and stroke.

  • Recognition, intervention and prevention of periarrest conditions such as
    • Lethal arrythmias
    • Myocardial Infarction
    • Stroke and its complications
  • Advanced airway management
  • Arrhythmia recognition
  • Defibrilation and Cardioversion
  • Cardiac Pharmacology
  • and much more !

This experience is invaluable to any field of medicine.

Prerequisites : Current certification of Basic Life Support (BLS) is requried for entry.

If needed the Heart & Stroke Foundation of Barbados will arrange for certification or re-certification in BLS, upon registration for an Advanced Cardiac Life Support Course

All courses include a reference manual, and American Heart Association (AHA) certification card.

Advance your skills with ACLS.

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